Monday, December 31, 2012

Letter To My Son On His 6th Birthday

My Dear 6 Year Old Carter,

Happy happy birthday to my sweet, question filled little boy.
This year as I write this you are doing one of your very favorite things.... Snow skiing here in Breckenridge. It is rare to see you dancing with happiness and this definitely is a sport you are in love with at an early age, which makes for one happy mommy.
I'm in the middle of reading the book Birth Order by Leman and smile from ear to ear reading the descriptors of the typical first born child. You have pretty much nailed the core characteristics of being reliable, conscientious, well organized, critical, scholarly, serious, an achiever, goal oriented, people pleaser and supporter of law and order. And so far been able to avoid the detrimental one of being a perfectionist. (I have a hunch this is in large part due to your super balanced daddy!)
In school, you are now finished with your first four months of Spanish Dual Language of Kindergarten, you have super seceded every expectation we had. On your actual 6th birthday, one of the best presents your daddy could ever give you was being a volunteer WATCH D.O.G. At your school, where he got to spend majority of the day with you in your class. He was shocked at how much Spanish you actually understand and how you answered the teacher's questions quickly, were writing sentences in Spanish and overall just thriving. It made our hearts swell with happiness knowing that the long journey of getting you in this program, that began exactly a year ago, was paying off and following our gut with this program has served to be the absolute best thing for you and our family. Recently, your assessment confirmed enormous growth since your initial nine weeks assessment.
Enough about school, I want you to know how awesome you are in a million other ways. Some of the ways have stayed consistent over the years, like your natural talent at sports and amazing patient love with your sister. Some things have been highlighted more this year, you amazing energy level and passion for math, for example.
Physically, at your 6 year well visit, Dr. McCrae was thrilled with your progress across the board; growth, eating, school, development and health in general, as we are too! Your BMD was in the 61st percentile, your height was 45 inches, and your weight was 47 pounds (both around 50th percentile). You wear a 6X in most things and size 13.5 shoe, just on the verge of crossing to boys size shoes from little boys! You want to a loose a tooth so badly and sometimes say your tooth is starting to wiggle but so far your baby teeth are holding up well!

Carter, you are EVERYTHING to your dad, sister and myself and you make us proud in all that you do. We have loved seeing your confidence continue to blossom and your constant questions you have for everyone grow into well thought out and impressive to your flag football coach about playing defense or to your Uncle Mike about why he is wearing a camel water backpack to the grocery store.
This time in life continues to be so exciting for you as we work diligently to continue introducing you to new life experiences and expose you to the ones you love. A few days before your 6th birthday, you got to go on your first "camping/kinda hunting" trip with your dad, Uncle mike and Easton to Abilene. Even though you didn't see any live animals, you were enamored with getting up early and sitting in the blind patiently waiting for the deer. Then, just a couple of days after your birthday, Pops took you and daddy to Pearsal where you saw huge amounts of deer and enormous ones at that. Even though your daddy missed the big 12 pointer, you fell even more in love with the sport and time together with you dad and Pops, in nature. Eating at the nearby Hungry Hunter was another fun and exhausting first, all at the same time.
... and five minutes after the above picture was taken with Pops, this was you...
Your love for your seventeen month younger sister is still very evident as you allowed her to open many of your own birthday presents last week to make her feel included. And when your daddy picked you up at your first full day of ski school lessons, while in Breckenridge after Christmas,you were so excited to show him what you had learned but your very first words to him were, "Where is Addie?"
(input Addie and him hugging after skiing)

You still love to cuddle with me and since I am thirty-one weeks pregnant with your new little brother or sister, you love feeling the baby kick in my belly and you understand so much about the baby, like how it gets food from the umbilical cord and breathes when I do. You are one super sharp little man.
Besides being sharp, you remain sensitive in a heartwarming way. Last week you were playing your brand new game of Shrek Operation with Addie and daddy, concentrating so incredibly hard that when your tweezers touched the metal edge and the entire game shook and lit up, you emotionally lost it. You were so shaken, you came and crawled next to be in bed in the fetal position and just wanted to cuddle with me.

I love you my sweet and energy filled little boy and I'm pretty confident you know it by the amount of times I tell you every day but just in case you ever forget, you have these words to look back on.

With more love than you know,


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